Alnoor Ladha on Anarchism, Mysticism and Post-Capitalist Community

We are delighted to host Alnoor Ladha on this episode of the podcast series.

Alnoor’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, systems thinking, structural change, inner/outer mirroring and narrative work. Alnoor comes from a Sufi lineage and writes about the crossroads of politics and spirituality in troubled times. His work has been published in Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Truthout, Fast Company, Kosmos Journal, New Internationalist, and the Huffington Post among others. He is a board member ofCulture Hack Labs, a cooperatively run advisory for social movements. He is currently the co-director of theTransition Resource Circle and co-author ofPost Capitalist Philanthropy: Healing Wealth in the Time of Collapse. He is also a co-founder and steward of Tierra Valiente, a post-capitalist experiment in the northern jungle of Costa Rica. 

Alnoor shares his story, growing up in a Sufi tradition where spirituality and meditation were central to his worldview.  He became interested in Marxism but as his political thinking developed he realised he was more of an Anarchist, he spent the last 15+ years researching and writing about the intersection between anarchism and mysticism.

Alnoor discusses life in community in Costa Rica. He speaks about giving back, privilege and the need for deep internal work whilst simultaneously applying that work to the world through the lens of service.

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