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10 Tips on Running Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns For Films standard

Between us at Mangu.TVs HQ we’ve raised more than $200,000 in different campaigns in Kisckstarter and IndieGoGo.  So far (knock on wood) we’ve always reached our goal. Here are our ten commandments for filmmakers who want to raise funds with crowdfunding. It’s damn hard work. Running a crowd funding campaign is a full-time job.  Full-time and then some.  Anyone who tells you differently hasn’t run a successful campaign.  Expect to work more than 10 hour days during a campaign (and to spend the other 14 hours stressing about it). Preparation is key. Crowd funding campaigns don’t begin when donations begin.  The work starts weeks, if not months before then.  If you run a 30 day campaign, preparation for the campaign should start ...

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