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In Memory Of Manuel Molina standard

It’s 2am, and although I’m alone and exhausted. I decide to take a walk over to La Carboneria, a bar I used to hang out in 10 years earlier, when I first came to Andalucia to study the flamenco guitar. Standing outside, with a huge joint in his hand (one of those fat, filtered mixtures of tobacco and hashish you only find in Europe,) is an old bearded man. He smiles warmly, with a mischievous glint in his bloodshot eyes, takes a big puff, and says “Hola.” It’s 2007 I am in Seville and I’m “casting” for my documentary, Being in the World. Of course there’s a deep irony in the fact that I’m here inspired by my mentor, a ...

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It is never how it seems image

How does a fraudster, forger and thief get to be loved and even respected for what he is? The incredible story of Renato Cansella, an unconventional man. 20 years ago, when I was just starting University at UC Berkeley, my mother calls to tell me she’s fallen madly in love, with an amazing Italian man. “You’re going to love him” she says. He plays classical guitar like a god, performed at La Scala, is a painter, an art dealer, and just oh so charming. He’s tired of selling art in Paris, it seems, and he’s offered to come to LA to “be her chef.” The next time I come home to visit, there’s this funny man in our kitchen, chain ...

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Representing Consciousness standard

I got interested in philosophy at a young age, reading Bertrand Russell in high school and discovering a natural tendency to ask the basic questions of life: what are we doing here? does life have meaning, and if so, what is it? is the world what it appears or is there something more to it? I didn’t think at the time that there was anything one could do with this curiosity in terms of a career, so when I set off to university, my plan was to study architecture—it seemed a sensible combination of creativity and, something (literally) more concrete than philosophy. My first semester at Berkeley, I stumbled on an elective course called Existentialism in Literature and Film, and ...

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The press loves Fix standard

  Fix has been reviewed in The NY Times, Variety & The Village Voice “Despite the tight filming schedule, Wilde refused to give up the opportunity to work with her husband. “What makes a great relationship is when you really admire and respect the other person and when you can be inspired by them, and if you create something together, those are some of the most magical times in a relationship,” she said. “If you can work on anything together, you can really appreciate the gifts the person has to offer.”” – ‘House’ star Oliva Wilde says filming ‘Fix’ was a ‘labor of love’ “A love letter to Los Angeles as well as an ode to fraternal obligation.” NY Times “Music ...

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The NYC Premiere of Fix standard

The Tribeca Grand screening room was packed for the Premiere of Tao Ruspoli’s new film, FIX,  based on the true story of his brother, featuring Olivia Wilde & Shawn Andrews. The cinema was packed, at least twenty photographers spent almost half an hour showering Olivia Wilde (the hottest woman alive according to the Maxim magazine 2009 ranking) with photos. After the screening producer Giancarlo Canavesio invited everybody to the after party at his loft, where Giancarlo’s mother prepared two types of pasta and Giancarlo’s son Stefano served it. The guests mingled watched a collection of Tao’s photos on the wall and an amazing multichannel video installation shot from every window of Tao’s bus crossing America, from Venice to Brooklyn for his next project Behind the ...

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