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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."
▶ What is Addiction? by Gabor Mate
"The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain." Gabor Maté Dr. Gabor Maté is one of our favorite people at mangu.tv. On this clip he ...
New Study: Cannabis Effective In Treating Chrohn's Disease
A new clinical study published in the journal Pharmacology and by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabis is effective in treating ...
N2N Worldwide Premiere, NYC w Rick Doblin, Gabor Maté, Jeremy Narby & more
When we told our publicist Josh Baran that we had rented the 900+ seats Tribeca Arts Center Theater for the World Premiere of Neurons to Nirvana: ...
Tao Ruspoli introduces Being in the World
Director Tao Ruspoli introduces his new film: Being In The World What should our relationship be to the technology we use every day? How do we remain ...
2012: Time For Change NYC Premiere
On a hot New York July evening six peaceful warriors were sitting on the SVA stage for a discussion after the World Premiere of the documentary 2012 ...
The NYC Premiere of Fix
The Tribeca Grand screening room was packed for the Premiere of Tao Ruspoli's new film, FIX,  based on the true story of his brother, featuring ...
The Living Wake Cinevegas Premiere
As I made my way down from my hotel room in Las Vegas the butterflies were aflutter in me belly.  The world was about to see my creation that I had ...
How The Living Wake Happened
Director’s Comments From the first moment the script hit my hand until my end of days, my life has changed because of The Living Wake. Through ...
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