Amanda Feilding

“Cannabis is less harmful to the health than alcohol or tobacco.
It is completely out of order that it should be
in a highly-prohibited category.”

Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding, Countess of Wemyss and March, is a British scientist and founding Director of the Beckley Foundation, a UN accredited NGO aimed at reforming drug policy. The Beckley Foundation is dedicated to providing a rigorous, independent review of global drug policy, aiming at reducing the harms associated with both the misuse of drugs and the policies that aim to control them. The intention of the Foundation is to help develop policies that are evidence-based and rational.

Towards this end, Amanda has hosted many influential seminars on International Drug Policy. Bringing together leading academics, experts and policy-makers from around the world, these seminars initiate such innovations as the call for a drug classification system based on a scientifically evaluated scale of harm.

Fascinated by mysticism and states of altered consciousness since childhood, Amanda famously gained notoriety in 1970 when she documented her own trepanation in the film Heartbeat in the Brain, then subsequently in a 1998 documentary, A Hole in the Head. In Blood and Consciousness, Amanda also published her own theories about how trepanation influences blood-oxygen levels in the brain and can create an expansion in consciousness.

Amanda Feilding's films

Amanda Feilding


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