Andrew Weil

A long time supporter for and advocate of combined Western Medicine with Alternative Therapies, Weill has become a celebrity doctor and a guru of alternative medicines.

Andrew Weil

Weil attended Harvard university in the 60s where he came in contact with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert’s psychedelic research.

Weil’s relentless style of investigative journalism led to the dismissal of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass from Harvard University. After graduation he spent 10 years in Harvard’s Botanical Museum, researching mind altering plants. His writings on the relationships between human consciousness, culture, healing, and drug experience appeared in regular contributions to High Times magazine (1975-1983), and in book-length works (The Natural Mind, 1972; The Marriage of Sun and Moon, 1980; From Chocolate to Morphine, 1983, rev. 1993 & 2004). However, Weil’s best-known writing comes from Why our Health Matters.

Weil is best known for his creation of the  field of integrative medicine. He is an advocate for patiences taking prescriptions written by doctors combined with alternative therapies and natural supplements.

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Andrew Weil


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