Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan is a psychologist & author. His book
Sex at Dawn explores the evolution of monogamy in
humans. He appears in the documentary Monogamish.

Christopher Ryan

Married to the co-author of his book, Sex at Dawn, Cacilda Jethá for over 15 years, Ryan openly questions monogamy. Most recently, he gave a TED talk (February, 2013) on the topic, and he currently contributes to Psychology Today. Additionally, he has an interview podcast called Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan where he addresses many subjects that are interrelated with his research.

He received a BA in English and American literature in 1984.  Twenty years later, he obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook University. His masters thesis examined difference in specific personality measures between working fashion models and the general public. His doctoral dissertation analyzes the prehistoric roots of human sexuality, and it was guided by the psychologist, Stanley Krippner, a humanistic psychologist, with additional committee members Sabrina Zirkel and Jürgen W. Kremer.

Christopher Ryan's films

Christopher Ryan


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