Claudia Ruspoli

Claudia Ruspoli is an Italian princess.
She appears in the documentary Monogamish.

Claudia Ruspoli

When Princess Claudia took over her family estate in Italy, she gave up her jet-setting lifestyle for a small village that has barely changed much since medieval times. What she gained in return were her roots and a connection to the many strong women who have dominated her family over the centuries. She also inherited a 500 year old beautifully-designed geometric parterre garden, created by her ancestor Octavia Orsini, a woman whose husbands had a way of “mysteriously” disappearing. Claudia quickly dedicated herself to restoring the garden to it’s original glory and now welcomes visitors from all over the world to what is considered the best-preserved Renaissance parterre in all of Italy.

Claudia Ruspoli's films

Claudia Ruspoli


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