Debra Berger

Debra Berger is a designer & artist. She appears in the film Monogamish,
which happens to be directed by her son, filmmaker Tao Ruspoli.

Debra Berger

Debra Berger (sometimes credited as Debby Berger or Deborah Berger) is an American actress, artist and designer.

She is the daughter of actor William Berger’s first marriage and the half-sister of actress Katya Berger and child actor Kasimir Berger, who starred with his father in the TV mini-series Christopher Columbus (1985) as Diego as a Child, in Tuareg – Il guerriero del deserto (1984) (uncredited) as Gacel’s Son and with his mother and sister in Rosso sangue (1981) as Willy Bennett.

She is also the stepdaughter of Croatian singer, songwriter and actress Hanja Kochansky.

She was the star of Marcel Carné’s La merveilleuse visite.

Additionally she is the mother of Tao Ruspoli and appears on his films Just Say Know and Monogamish

Debra Berger's films

Debra Berger

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