Dossie Easton

Dossie Easton is an author, poet and family therapist based in San Francisco.
Her book The Ethical Slut discusses consensual polyamory as a lifestyle, and
provides practical guidance on how such relationships work.


Dossie Easton

In 1969, Easton made a lifetime commitment to a philosophy of sex positive feminism and nonmonogamy. Her books are often used and cited as fundamental to the polyamory movement. Although most famous for her writing, Easton has accumulated many titles that support her activism on the subject of sexuality. She holds a BA from New College of California, as well as a MA in Education and Counseling from University of San Francisco.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 1991, USF. Her bachelor’s thesis was titled Sex is Nice and Pleasure is Good for You. She has been part of San Francisco Sex Information since 1972.

Easton served as a member of the first Board of Directors of the Society of Janus in 1974, and she now is a life member.  In addition, she has been a member of other well-known BDSM organizations such as SAMOIS, Outcasts, Exiles, and Black Leather Wings, a radical faerie group.  Easton has given guest lectures at many colleges and universities including University of California, Santa Cruz; Bryn Mawr; University of California, Berkeley; Mills College; Pomona College; and San Francisco State University.

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Dossie Easton


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