Eric Berkowitz

Eric Berkowitz is an attorney and author.  His book
Sex & Punishment tells the story of the struggle throughout
the millennia to regulate the most powerful engine of human
behavior. He appears in the documentary Monogamish.

Eric Berkowitz

After twenty years of practicing as a trial lawyer in San Fransisco, Berkowitz left his career to study at USC’s School of Journalism.  Remarkably, even before finishing at the top of his class, he had successfully published for Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and Los Angeles Business Journal on many controversial and expository local topics including corruption in the court system and gangland murders.  Because of the controversial nature of his writing, he took a sabbatical in Paris, which endured while he cultivated his body of work on the topic of sex.  The outcome of his research was his book: Sex & Punishment. PEN International published an excerpt, and HER magazine touted the book as interestingly feminist.

He has since returned to the San Fransisco to practice law, sharing his interest in cases related to domestic violence and homosexuals seeking asylum in the United States.

Eric Berkowitz's films

Eric Berkowitz

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