Gillian Maxwell

“I must say, you wouldn’t drink ayahuasca out of ceremony.
It’s not anything that you do lightly, and you want
to be doing it with people who know what they’re doing.”
– Gillian Maxwell

Gillian Maxwell

Renowned for her positive activism, ‘new paradigm’ coaching and keynote speaking, Gillian Maxwell is the Project Director of Keeping the Door Open – Dialogues on Drug Use (KDO). KDO is a multi-sector, community-based coalition that organizes dialogues on problematic substance use to educate the public and inform public policy in Vancouver.

Gillian is a knowledge exchange broker, and she is well-known in British Columbia as the host and facilitator of many public forums that have taken place at Simon Fraser University’s Wosk Centre for Dialogue.

An experienced organizer, public speaker and facilitator, she brings human warmth to match a sophisticated and well-crafted rigour to public debate and dialogue events.

Gillian Maxwell's films

Gillian Maxwell


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