Growing Energy Labs, Inc.

Growing Energy Labs is a consultancy for evaluation, modeling,
design, engineering, hardware & software production, installation
and education of balanced energy systems for all applications.


Growing Energy Labs, Inc.

GELI, short for Growing Energy Labs, Inc., develops software to integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage systems.

This emphasis on economics is wholly unique to Geli. With it, Geli software makes operational decisions based on the price of power and energy in addition to the electrical status and activity of the grid and other system components. Geli software performs actions on the energy storage system itself for local optimization and within the context of a microgrid, smart building, renewable energy installation, or electric vehicle infrastructure.

This awareness of both the greater market and its local environment ensures that Geli not only delivers reliable, responsible energy, but also pays for itself with significant energy savings and a potential for new revenue opportunities.

Growing Energy Labs, Inc.'s films

Growing Energy Labs, Inc.


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