Ingrid Pacey

“It is really difficult because you’re really dealing
with irrational, fear-based reactions that have nothing
to do with what the drugs have done in the past and
what they can do in the future.”

Ingrid Pacey

Dr. Pacey is the Principal Investigator for MAPS in the upcoming Canadian study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. She has been a psychiatrist for 35 years and her work has focused on therapy for trauma survivors.

Dr. Pacey received her psychiatric training at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, graduating in 1972. While in medical school, she witnessed LSD psychotherapy in a psychiatric setting as part of her training. Her private practice in Vancouver has since became focused on psychotherapy for trauma survivors, particularly women who had been sexually abused as children.

Ingrid trained with Stanislav and Christina Grof in Holotropic Breathwork in the late 1980s, going on to pioneer the use of Holotropic Breathwork with trauma survivors, observing the special needs of people with PTSD when working in Holotropic Breathwork groups. Through this work she came to see the value of working with non-ordinary states of consciousness for people suffering from PTSD.

Ingrid continues to practice psychiatry in Vancouver, has lectured in Canada and the US and is now looking forward to beginning working with trauma survivors using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Ingrid Pacey's films

Ingrid Pacey


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