Joshua van Praag

Joshua is an award-winning filmmaker working in both documentary and narrative formats exploring themes of social justice, interculturalism and exile.
Joshua van Praag

With a background in feature films, van Praag trained in lighting and camera under a plethora of internationally acclaimed filmmakers, such as Martin Scorcese, Bernardo Bertolucci, Wong Kar Wai, and Woody Allen.

As a member of the Media Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, van Praag helped found and create content for the movement’s first video production collective, Occupy TVNY, whose short films have reached an online audience of millions across the globe.

In early 2012, van Praag he completed, together with Raoul Martinez, their debut feature-length film, The Lottery of Birth – the first episode in the documentary series, Creating Freedom. A wide ranging analysis of power and control in western democracies. Cast includes Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Daniel Dennett, and Steven Pinker.

Joshua van Praag's films


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Joshua van Praag


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