Manuel Schoch

“Psychedelics can be a beautiful help to open the door, as long as you are ready to accept they are not the solution.” – Manuel Schoch


Manuel Schoch

Manuel was a Swiss psychiatrist, neuroscientist, mystic and spiritual healer who passed away in 2008. He was best known for developing the healing method of Time Therapy, a holistic path of transformation. Throughout his early life, Manuel underwent a number of psychic, clairvoyant and mystical experiences and, after periods spent farming, studying psychology and working in television, he spent several years studying with the renowned Irish healer Bob Moore, who also died in 2008.

In 1971, Manuel established his own energetic healing practice and three years later helped found the HiHo-Collective, which was well known in the 1970s for its anti-psychiatric views.

He was the author of several books, including Bitten by the Black Snake: The Ancient Wisdom of Ashtavakra, and Healing with Qualities: The Essence of Time Therapy. Manuel’s style of teaching was described as ‘both practical and very simple – ideally suited for twenty-first-century life’ – and he taught classes at the University of Zurich on bridging science and spirituality. Manuel also gave international talks, workshops, and training programs in Time Therapy and was the director of the Tune-In Centre for Time Therapy based in Zurich, London, and Athens.

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Manuel Schoch


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