Michael Albert

One of the nation’s leading authorities on political economy, U.S. economic policies, and the media. A veteran writer/activist currently working with Z Magazine and the website Znet.

Michael Albert

Albert primarily focuses on matters of movement-building, strategy and vision, creating alternative media, and developing and advocating the economic vision called participatory economics (“Parecon” for short). He has authored sixteen books — including Parecon: Life After Capitalism (Verso) and Thought Dreams: Radical Theory for the 21st Century (Arbeiter Rin) as well as his classics Looking Forward (with Robin Hahnel) and Stop the Killing Train, both available from South End Press. He recently penned a memoir, Remembering Tomorrow: From the SDS to Life After Capitalism. In the book, Albert charts his own trajectory as the child of a middle class suburban New York family to his political awakening on a Boston campus as revolution and dissent seized the nation.

Albert has extensive organizing experience, and he has written hundreds of articles. His ideas are both accessible and provocative. His perspective combines attention to race, gender, power, and class, and pursues equity, diversity, solidarity, and self-management. He can speak on movement matters, anti-war, globalization, media, and particularly economic vision for the future. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Massachusetts.

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Michael Albert


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