Roshi Joan Halifax

Joan Halifax is a Zen Buddhist roshi in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the author of A Buddhist Life in America: Simplicity in the Complex.

Roshi Joan Halifax

In 1964 Halifax became deeply interested in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States after she graduated from Tulane University. This would lead her to anti-war protests and an inevitable move to New York City where she would meet Alan Lomax.

In the early 1970’s Halifax traveled to Mali to study the Dogon Tribe and to Mexico in order to study the Huichols. In 1972 she married Stanislav Grof. In their short marriage the couple experimented with LSD which inspired them to author the Human Encounter with Death (1977)

Today, Halifax is an abbot and guiding teacher of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the community she founded in 1990.

Roshi Joan Halifax's films

Roshi Joan Halifax


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