Being in the World

In Memory of Manuel Molina 1948-2015

“A labor of love with a message
far removed from the commercial world.”

The Film

An exploration of being human in a technological age

Once upon a time there was a world full of meaning, focused by exemplary figures in the form of gods and heroes, saints and sinners. How did we lose them, or, might they still be around, in the form of modern day masters, in fields like sports, music, craft and cooking.

Are these masters able to inspire us and bring back a sense of wonder, possibly even of the sacred?

Being in the World raises the question of whether we have forgotten what it means to be truly human in today’s technological age…

…and proceeds to answer this question by taking a journey around the world to meet a whole host of remarkable individuals, including Manuel Molina, the legendary poet and flamenco master; Leah Chase, affectionately known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine; and Hiroshi Sakaguchi, a master carpenter from Japan.

By showing how these modern day masters approach life from within their chosen fields, Ruspoli’s film celebrates the ability of human beings to find meaning in the world through the mastery of physical, intellectual, and creative skills.

"Exquisite Work!"
-The Examiner
"It made me look at my life experience differently."
"Wonderful, crisp... do yourself a favor and watch this amazing film"

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An intimate portrait of the flamenco master featured in Being in the World
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An unprecedented look at the intimate gatherings in which authentic flamenco is performed.

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A Surprising Documentary Portrait of a Family’s Relationship to Drugs

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+ Monogamish
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+ Being in the World
A celebration of being human in a technological age.
+ Manuel 
An intimate portrait of the flamenco master featured in Being in the World
+ Behind the Wheel
A mad road movie with Dead Prez, Oliver Stone, Robbie Conal, and more!
+ Flamenco: A Personal Journey
A look at the gatherings in which authentic flamenco is performed.
+ Fix the movie
A mad race across Los Angeles, starring Olivia Wilde & Shawn Williams.
+ Just Say Know
Meet the real life brother who inspired the film Fix.

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Being in the World


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