The Film

Based on a true story, FIX takes you on a journey across LA
and inside the challenges of a family dealing with addiction

Racing across Los Angeles in one, unwieldy day, documentary filmmakers Bella (a young Olivia Wilde) and Milo (Tao Ruspoli) must race from Beverly Hills to Watts — and places in between — in order to get Milo’s brother Leo (Shawn Andrews) from jail to rehab before 8pm, or Leo goes to prison for three years.

This is story inspired by true events, the trio documents their trip from a suburban police station in Calabasas through mansions in Beverly Hills, East LA chopshops, rural wastelands, and housing projects in Watts as they attempt to raise the $5,000 required to get Leo into the rehab clinic.

Along the way they encounter dozens of colorful characters, each with their own anomalous perspective on Leo’s larger-than-life personality and style, and each with their own excuse for why they cannot help out.

As things head for disaster, it may take the desperate irony of a drug deal to get the necessary funds to send Leo to rehab.

"A bold new style and talent"
- Oliver Stone
"The gritty energy of 'Go' and the speedy wit of 'Arrested Development'"
- Indie Wire
"Brash, cool and energetic… a wild ride!"
- Variety


The press loves Fix

Fix has been reviewed in The NY Times, Variety & The Village Voice

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The NYC Premiere of Fix

Tribeca Grand screening room was packed for the Premiere of, FIX,  featuring Olivia Wilde & Shawn Andrews.

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