The Compassion Revolution

The Film

The final installment on the Creating Freedom Series

We all make choices, but we make choices with a brain that we didn’t choose.

This simple fact has the power to revolutionize our world, to fundamentally change the way we think about freedom, politics, punishment, reward, morality and compassion.

Taking us on a journey from buddhist monks to neuroscientists, death row inmates to billionaires, judges to revolutionaries, this film sets out to radically alter the way we see ourselves and our world.

Now is the time to explode the myths that have been holding us back and fight for the compassionate revolution we so urgently need:

A revolution in our thinking that will cause a revolution in the way we organise our lives on this unique, green and blue ball of rock that we call home.

Creating Freedom Series

The Compassion Revolution‘ will be the third installment in a groundbreaking three-part series: ‘Creating Freedom‘, that explores the most urgent questions of power, control and freedom in modern democracies. It includes a stellar cast of interviewees from Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Amy Goodman to Steven Pinker and Daniel Dennett. A book, by creator Raoul Martinez, is set for worldwide publication to coincide with the release of the second film in the series.

Creating Freedom Series

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Episode 2 of the Series is not yet available, but you can get Ep. 1

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EP1 - Special Edition

+The Lottery Of Birth
“To take freedom for granted is to extinguish the possibility of attaining it”
The film, yours forever, to stream or download (69 min)

+Extra content: Freedom Luminaries
More than 100 minutes of exclusive interviews with
Howard Zinn (35 min)
Steven Pinker (25 min)
Daniel Dennet (20 min)
Jeff Schimdt (27 min)

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EP1 - The Movie

+Own the movie forever
Instant Streaming + HD Downloads + iOS + Roku
+ Subtitles in 4 languages
French, German, Spanish & Portuguese
+Digital Bonus!
Interview with Freedom Luminary Steven Pinker (25min)

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EP1 - The DVD

+ Original DVD
The Lottery of Birth
+ Subtitles
English, French, German, Spanish & Portuguese
+ All zones DVD
Will play in any DVD player worldwide

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