“Nicolas Peruyero was 8 years old, blind and unable to walk or talk when his mother learned about the benefits of medical marijuana and its promise to reduce seizures. His mother, Nancy, imagined what Nicolas’ life might be like without the relentless seizures every day. She allowed herself to hope, an emotion she had rarely felt since that August afternoon in 2009 when her youngest son was diagnosed with Batten disease, an unusual neurological disorder marked by seizures, loss of motor skills and mental impairment. His life expectancy with the disease is no more than 12 years. He turned 9 on Oct.2.

“We know the medical marijuana will not cure him,” she said. “But maybe it will extend his life or make it better for him during the time he is here. We want to be able to have all our options. For us, this is a quality of life issue. What parent would not do everything they could to help their child?”

Florida votes Nov. 4th on an expanded medical marijuana initiative that would include cancer, glaucoma, HIV & AIDS, hep C, ALC, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis.” Please spread the word to your friends in FL to VOTE!#YesOn2 #SupportMedicalMarijuana

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