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Informant is a fascinating portrait of Brandon Darby, a radical left-wing activist turned FBI informant.

Starring: Scott Crow, Brandon Darby, Michael T Stewart

Director: Jamie Meltzer

“Smartly gives all sides of the story their chance to speak, creating an almost Rashomon-like viewing experience where we’re encouraged to decide the truth on our own.”

Kalvin Henely, Slant

“Mesmerizing and Timely! Informant is riveting as it slowly assembles a damning profile of its subject.”

Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

“Oozes with espionage enigma.”

Michael Atkinson, Time Out New York

“The Grand Jury Prize goes to a film that is thrilling from beginning to end, that innovates documentary form, that takes a small corner of America and looks at our widest issues. For its Rashomon-like investigation of a terrorist crime that did or didn’t happen, the Grand Jury Prize goes to Informant.”

DOC NYC Jury Statement

“An absorbing puzzle with the potential to intrigue viewers all along the political spectrum.”

Dennis Harvey, Variety

“A kind of “Fog of War” for the age of Occupy”

Anthony Kaufman, Indiewire

“An examination of the paranoia-filled American political divide. An unsettling portrait of a charismatic true believer, whose most consistent belief is that he’s the hero of a grand narrative.”

Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail