Jack Allocca on Altered States of Consciousness, Psychedelic Science and Philosophy of Mind

We are excited to host Dr. Jack Allocca on this episode of the Mangu.tv podcast series. 

Jack is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, studying altered states of consciousness using pharmacology, neuroimaging, and computational neuroscience. He founded Somnivore Pty Ltd, an AI data analytics company serving neuroscience laboratories. His research spans neuropharmacology, psychedelic science, sleep science, and consciousness research in wild species like bears, elephants and birds. Allocca has personally tested over 100 psychotropic substances and explored over 80 countries, speaking and consulting on psychedelic science, philosophy of mind, biohacking, AI, and their societal implications. His work has been featured in various media outlets, including print, video, and radio.

Jack discusses his upbringing in Italy and the cathartic moment that led him to a lifetime of inquiry into altered states of consciousness, neuroscience and psychotropic substances. He shares stories of extended travel and research during his studies, and investigation into the human psyche - experimenting with everything from meditation and psychedelics to extreme diets, religion and joining the sex industry  - each becoming integral to his PhD and future career. 

Giancarlo and Jack discuss collective consciousness and whether the world can ever really heal, looking at love, collective development and awareness vs. technology and war. 

Jack shares his intention and life's work, integrating his experiences to shape the future, and systems to help create a better living.

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