People have said this is the best film
ever made on the science of psychedelics

But you don’t have to take our word for it

"The best film on psychedelics to come along for a long time!"
Dr. Dennis McKenna
"Fuses science, art & spirituality into a seamless whole"
Vancouver Courier
"I have seen all the psychedelics documentaries and this was the best one!"
Jorge Reyes

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  • Neurons to Nirvana
    (Official DVD)
  •  100m of extra Interviews
    Gabor Mate, Rick Doblin & Jullie Holland
  •  Subtitles
  • All zones DVD

  • Neurons to Nirvana
    (Own The Movie)
  •  60m of extra footage
    Gabor Mate & Rick Doblin full interviews
  •  Subtitles


Rent The Film
  • Neurons to Nirvana
    (3 days HD Rental)
  • Digital Bonus
    Gabor Maté Full Interview (30 min)
  •  Subtitles

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