Erica Mather on Empowered Self-Care for the Body

Erica Mather shares her journey supporting people with their body image, to step into the body and embrace societal stereotypes. She discusses her book; an accumulation of everything she's learnt and experienced, and a tool to help people understand, overcome and find peace within their bodies.

Robert Mitchell Astrology Series: The Language of the Cosmos

Robert Mitchell discusses the significance of the astrology birth chart and how one's life is mapped out at birth and is not random. He looks at the birth chart of Elon Musk and Taylor Swift, and how their charts inform the way that they move through the world.

John Wolfstone on Mythology, Eros, Rites of Passage & Cosmic Guidance

John Wolfstone discusses mythology, eros and ways of opening up to cosmic guidance. He speaks about relational repair, holding space for our pain, and rites of passage, as well as understanding emotions from a mythical perspective not just a psychoanalytical one.

Dimitri Mugianis on His Work with Ibogaine to Overcome Heroin Addiction

Dimitri Mugianis shares his transformative experience, healing his addiction with Ibogaine and how it informed his life path helping others to overcome addiction. Giancarlo and Dimitri discuss the subjective nature of healing from substance abuse, and how psychedelics, art and sound can support in harm reduction.

Richard Grossman on his work with Acupuncture and Ayahuasca

Richard Grossman shares his experiences with plant medicines and life's work with acupuncture and Ayahuasca. Giancarlo and Richard discuss consciousness, the mind, plant medicine, technology and mystical experiences, as well as the power of plant medicine to support communities.

Jack Allocca on Altered States of Consciousness, Psychedelic Science and Philosophy of Mind

Jack Allocca discusses the cathartic moment that led him to a lifetime of inquiry into altered states of consciousness, neuroscience and over 100 psychotropic substances. He shares stories of extended travel and research during his PhD, and investigation into the human psyche.

Betony Vernon on Spirituality, Sex, Sensuality and the Erotic Body Realm

Betony Vernon discusses spirituality, sex, sensuality and the erotic body realm. She speaks about shibari, bondage, the power of play, and radical trust as a way to transcend, as well as her work with sexual liberation and healing trauma.

Batuhan Bintas on Psychedelics, AI and Educating the Future Generation

Batahan Bintas discusses educating future generations about sacred sexuality, psychedelics and AI as a tool to support growth and education.

Robert Mitchell on Psychedelics, Astrology and Cosmic Consciousness

Robert Mitchell discusses his upbringing, mystical experiences, and doors to altered states. He speaks about his work using the intelligence of astrology to understand timings and cosmic consciousness.

Alnoor Ladha on Anarchism, Mysticism and Post-Capitalist Community

Alnoor Ladha shares his story growing up in a Sufi tradition. He speaks about his career, researching and writing about the intersection between anarchism and mysticism. Giancarlo and Alnoor discuss community life, and living in service.

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