Eliane Gerzelj on re-learning intimacy & ritualising sexual encounters

Eliane Gerzelj shares her path to tantra and how a series of workshops and trainings helped her to bring back sacredness to the body and ritualise sexual encounters. She speaks about leaking sexual energy, and the need to re-learn intimacy to bring sensitivity to the body and raise vitality.

Shiri Godasi on a multi-dimensional model for integration and the psyched soul

Shiri Godasi discusses her journey towards psychedelic therapy, the importance of language around self-development and plans to focus on future generations by creating a conscious education modality for children. Giancarlo and Shiri speak about mindfulness around psychedelics and communicating with entities in various states of consciousness.

Rory Spowers on his book 'Thinking Like A Mountain: Seeking the Source Code for a Regenerative Culture'

Rory Spowers discusses his new book - Thinking Like A Mountain: Seeking the Source Code for a Regenerative Culture. He discusses current-day issues from the meta-crisis to social, economic and environmental issues, as well as the cause and finally the possible solutions.

Amánda Efthimiou on psychedelic wellness & integration practices

Amánda Efthimiou discusses psychedelic wellness and integration practices. She speaks about the need to bridge the gap between indigenous wisdom, plant-based medicines and traditional psychotherapy for mental health outcomes. Amánda discusses the ways in which INTEGRA can support facilitators in their integration techniques.

Lorna Liana on integration coaching and harm reduction in the Psychedelic Renaissance

Lorna Liana discusses the experiences that led to her work with psychedelics, current projects, harm reduction and attributes for great integration coaching. Giancarlo and Lorna discuss the Psychedelic Renaissance, and different ways to support its rise in popularity.

Pondside Talk & Debate: Eros and Spirit with Marianne Costa, Jorge Ferrer, Santoshi Amor and Raffaello Manacorda

In this pondside talk & debate Giancarlo is joined by Marianne Costa, Jorge Ferrer, Santoshi Amor and Raffaello Manacorda to discuss eros and spirit. Following a brief interpretation from each speaker, the panel is opened up to the audience for discussion.

Raffaello Manacorda on Tantra, Daoism, alternative community living, and ISTA

Raffaello Manacorda discusses his path to spiritual awakening, through living in alternative communities in Rome, Barcelona and Kho Phangan, which led him to Yoga, Tantra, Daoism and other spiritual practices, and his current endeavours as an ISTA teacher and practitioner.

Diego Torán on music with intention, psychedelics, regenerative living and House of Frequency

Diego Torán discusses his journey in the music industry to his current project House of Frequency, his record label aimed at bringing higher states of consciousness. He talks about current endeavours to regenerate the live music scene in Ibiza and the potency of music for healing.

Giancarlo Canavesio on psychedelics, healing, cosmic consciousness and regeneration

On this special episode, Jo Youle aka The Reset Rebel interviews Giancarlo Canavesio. Giancarlo discusses his journey through trauma, healing, psychedelics and cosmic consciousness. Giancarlo shares his passion for positive transformation, the intention behind and the future of regenerative farming and living practices.

Tao Ruspoli on psychedelics, consensual non-monogamy, community & radical living

Tao Ruspoli joins Giancarlo for a well-overdue catch-up. The conversation follows psychedelics, consensual non-monogamy, community & radical living. Tao shares his thoughts on authentic living, his love for eccentric people and places, and how that led to the co-founding of The Bombay Beach Biennale.

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