Jorge Ferrer on novogamy, monogamy and polyamory - why partners cheat even when they are in love

Jorge Ferrer is an author and scholar in transformative practices. He has a PhD in clinical psychology at the Institute of Integral Studies California and in 2009 Jorge was selected to become an advisor to the organization Religions for Peace at the United Nations.

Jorge joined Giancarlo to delve into his fourth book Love and Freedom, which proposes an evolution of modern relationships and a systematic discussion of relationship modes beyond monogamy and polyamory.

His research has found that people fundamentally cheat because they are lacking something vital in their relationships. They want to remain with the person they are in a relationship with, however do not want to sacrifice their sexual vitality.

‘They cheat because they love their partners and they know, or they suspect that their partners would not support that openness.’

Jorge goes on to discuss mono/poly wars; the situation of mutual judgment and condescension between poly and monogamous people. He proposes to depolarize this with the introduction of his term ‘novogamy’ opening up a field of possibilities that can take different types, pathways, geographies, situations plus much more into consideration. This lets people leverage their identity, similarly to gender fluidity with transgendered people.

Please take a listen to the full episode for more on the above and 

  • suggestions on opening up your relationship
  • an insight into Jorge’s Embodied Spirituality workshop
  • and to hear about Jorge’s work with San Pedro, Ayahuasca and his thoughts on integration

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