Aude Barras on ancient origins of Tantra, non-duality, goddess worship, and remembering the divine within

Aude Barras joins us on the podcast once again. Aude is a love devotee and an intimacy teacher. Her work sits at the intersection of intimacy, embodiment, and Tantra. A practitioner of love and seeker of truth, she is immersed in a life of devotion and has studied with masters throughout the world. Her work is guiding people into remembering their erotic innocence, and divine essence through the embodiment of a more delicious connection with themselves and consciousness. 

In addition to this, Aude shares her intimate knowledge of Tantra, its ancient origins, and the difference between classical Tantra and more modern neo-tantra, which is in pursuit of sexual liberation. While sexual liberation has its place in our world, it isn’t Tantra. Tantra is a deep spiritual commitment, not for the faint-hearted. She reveals the ultimate purpose of the Tantric path - to pulverize the seed of ignorance and reconnect us to the divine within, while the pursuit of neo-tantra is sexual liberation. Tantra gives everyone universal access to the divine. In the non-dualist tradition of Tantra, everything is one. 

She offers some practical ways to apply these ancient mysteries and practices to our everyday life to bring out the mystical reality of each and every moment. Just as some of the deepest teachings are often the most simple, our breath, which we take for granted, holds the key to love.

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