Aude Barras on returning to the erotic innocence of understanding

Aude Barras works at the intersection of intimacy, feminine embodiment, and tantra. A practitioner of beauty and seeker of truth, she is immersed in a life of devotion and has studied the art of sensuality with masters throughout the world. 

In ancient cultures, there was this deep knowledge of the power of lifeforce. And lifeforce is known as creative energy, it's known as sexual energy, as something which we call in tantra, Shakti. This is the power that moves us, that is moving all of life. This power of creation. 

We are distracted in the world we are in today which makes it difficult to get at it, but it's coming back. 

Understanding how the lifeforce energy that we have, that sexual energy can be channeled from Qing, which is the essence of the energy to Qi, which is lifeforce to Chen, which is spiritual energy. And by doing certain practices, we are able to channel that energy to awaken our consciousness. 

This is not about sex in order to get power, but sex as love because it's the infinite source. 

Aude gives us an insight into her work which synthesizes as a tantric, Taoist, shamanic, and gnostic teacher. Aude focuses on intimacy, she specializes in embodiment and awakening of the goddess within. A trailblazer of finding beauty in all experiences, pleasure is her medicine.

Listen to the full episode to learn about Aude’s practice to guide people into remembering their erotic innocence, and divine essence through the embodiment of a more delicious connection with themselves and consciousness. 

"Drop from the mind to the heart." - Margot Anand

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