Baba Dez on temple arts, sacred sexuality and waking up to love and freedom

We are very excited to host Baba Dez Nichols on the podcast. Baba Dez is an internationally renowned speaker and teacher, daka, author, singer, songwriter, and transformational guide who has been featured in countless tv and radio shows. He is recognized for his contribution to the healing arts and evolving human consciousness. A teacher of sacred temple arts, he is the founder of ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts. His passion is supporting other educators and healers to deepen their skills in areas of healthy living, relationships and sexuality.

Baba Dez shares the motivation behind his work, which is his endless fascination with the multifaceted human experience. He sees sacred sexuality as a path that leads us to the expansion of consciousness, and the expansion of human potential. His mission has always been to bring together everything that can serve humanity in creating a better individual and collective experience. He discusses the various cultural influences behind his approach to temple arts, and the merging of spiritual, sexual and shamanic disciplines, where spirit and sex are the focus of the human experience.

Baba Dez and Giancarlo discuss the power of sexuality, and the role it plays in modern society. They also discuss boundaries, consent, polyamory, as well as the structure of the current ISTA program, and waking up to love, freedom and power.

Don’t miss this episode if you are curious about sacred sexuality.

For further details about Baba Dez, and the topics mentioned:

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