David Solomon on the layers of awakening the soul

We are excited to host a dear friend, David Solomon, on the Mangu.tv podcast. He is the founding steward of the world’s largest forum of indigenous people. He is one of the world’s leading voices in nation building in East Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Throughout his life he has raised 3.5 billion dollars for developing countries, and his project, Spirit 1st is about to be unveiled to the world.

He once worked at Solomon Brothers as an investment banker, but at some point he was disillusioned and left what was once his dream job. He went to Indonesia to help orphans, and  where he ended up studying martial arts. Practicing martial arts was his doorway into spirit, the deep discipline opened the path to a journey of faith. He gave up everything, including his income, and went on a journey of searching for meaning and significance. David shares with us the incredible adventures he encountered on his path to awakening, from Indonesia to Sinai, and his deep understanding of the different layers of awakening of the soul.

David and Giancarlo also discuss what is necessary for humanity to awaken and thrive on this planet, which is regeneration, localization and bridging the gap between mind, body and spirit. In order to move beyond our colonial history and to stop being driven by greed, we must bring back the sacred, celebration and community.

For further details about David Solomon, and topics mentioned:

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