Flor Bollini on feminine shamanism and the importance of serving medicine with empathy and compassion

Flor Bollini joins Giancarlo on the Mangu.tv podcast to discuss Feminine Shamanism, the new paradigm of Transformative Medicine, and the importance of serving medicine to the individual, centered in empathy and compassion.

Flor has worked with many doctors and big entrepreneurs and has even been called the “Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine. An initiated priestess, she carries over a decade of experience as a pioneer in the plant medicine world.  She has led the way forward by developing an expert system that sets the standard for the administration and integration of 5-MeO-DMT, the most potent psychoactive compound in the world. She is now building NANA, the world's first comprehensive integrative therapy solution for mental health and wellness. This holistic system combines technology, counseling, and lifestyle modification to scale and standardize the preparation, administration, and integration of any psychoactive medicine.

Flor searched for her purpose for many years, under the guidance of Ayahuasca, until one day she found her path - the master plant told her to serve by serving 5-MeO DMT. Her approach is led by compassion and empathy, rooted in the recognition that not everyone needs or can even handle a “heroic” dose. Her method is individual-specific, that is focused on set, setting, and ultimately slowly teaching people how to trust their gut. This approach can create radical change with progressive dosing without causing negative side effects. 

Flor and Giancarlo dive deep into the importance of recognizing the mystical experiences that occur within psychedelic therapy, and the importance of integrating these experiences on a personal level as well as within one’s group, greater community, and life.

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