Jorge Ferrer on transpersonal psychology, community living, and the sexual revolution

We are excited to welcome Jorge Ferrer back to the podcast. Jorge is a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an author and educator. He was a professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco for more than twenty years. He is an author of several books on psychology, and intimate relationships, including Love and Freedom: Transcending Monogamy and Polyamory. He was a member at the Esalen Institute Center where he also taught workshops on embodied spirituality. 

Jorge is currently shifting his current focus from academics to creating more accessible content that can reach and make an impact on more people, on such topics as intimacy and relationships.

In this episode Jorge discusses the origins of transpersonal psychology, and the influences of the meeting of western psychology with Eastern traditions. He explains the systemification of Eastern philosophical concepts in transpersonal psychology and the shift of focus to the spiritual being. Since humans have access to different kinds of wisdom and instincts, Jorge elaborates on the importance of educating the heart and our emotional intelligence.

Jorge and Giancarlo also dive deep into the idea of conscious community living serving as a growth catalyst. They also discuss the sexual revolution, the impact it had on women gaining sexual autonomy and new wave feminism. Last but not least, they talk about the concept of the universal truth, spiritual narcissism, and the trending idea of divine consciousness in new age communities. Don’t miss this rich episode!

For further details about Jorge Ferrer, and topics mentioned:

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