Louie Valotti on deep mind technology, the Q’ero lineage, and the journey from body to spirit.

We are excited to host Louie Valotti for a third episode of the Mangu.tv podcast series. Louie is the visionary behind Genesis Holistic Medicine, he is a student of Dr Gabor Maté in compassionate inquiry, and of Dr Alberto Villoldo, initiated into the Peruvian Q'ero lineage of shamanism. Certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner and graduate of The Four Winds, Louie specializes in biohacking, self-enquiry and deep mind technology.

For Louie’s third episode, he and Giancarlo continue their discussion of Genesis Holistic Medicine's three core principles. The first is biohacking, the second is self-enquiry and in this episode, they dive deeper into the final principle; deep mind technology - signifying spirit. He covers the influences of ancient lineage-based systems of energy medicine and goes deeper into the origin, implications and legacy of the Q’ero lineage.

Giancarlo and Louie discuss deep mind technology, the Wiracocha or eighth chakra, ancestral and re-incarnated karmic contracts, trauma and the soul’s journey to transcendence. Louie speaks about the energy medicine wheel and its place in the journey from body to spirit as well as his spiritual evolution and the four experiences that brought him to where he is today.

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