Louie Valotti on bio-cellular upgrades, self-inquiry, and deep mind technology

Louie Valotti is a shaman, spiritual guide, and visionary. He co-created the Genesis Holistic Medicine protocol. He was a student of Dr. Alberto Villoldo and initiated in the Q'ero lineage of Andean shamanism. Louie offers a sacred space where you can explore the multidimensional layers and evolution of being with his clients. 

Together Giancarlo and Louie discuss Genesis Holistic Medicine and Louie’s three core principles for creating an evolution of an understanding.

This is a detailed yet clear conversation that delves into many topics focused on healing and developing one's true self. One of which is the four layers of perception; the four dimensions of being that we hold.

‘We are our body in this physical world. We are our mind with our thoughts, perceptions, and projections. We have a soul, and the soul has memories and emotions. When we come to that third level, the level of the soul, the memories that we carry, and it is the memories and the energy, the emotion and the memories that are driving the mind. That means whatever belief one carries, whatever projection that comes from that, negative thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, they come from the energy of the memory and the emotion of memory.’
Listen to the full episode to learn about the prophecy of Pachacuti, Alberto Villoldo, the shamanic Medicine Wheel plus much more.

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