Marianne Costa on Tarot and the subconscious, family trees, and healing transgenerational trauma

It is an absolute honor to welcome Marianne Costa to the podcast. She is a renowned world Tarot expert. Together with Alejandro Jodorowsky, she authored the bestseller - The Way of Tarot. She has also published several books translated in various languages and collaborated with institutional museums as a symbology expert. 

Marianne discusses the origins of Tarot and the differences between The Tarot of Marseilles and Rider Waite Tarot. The true value of Tarot is that it holds a map of the subconscious. Much contrary to the popular misconception that it is just a device for fortune telling, it can serve as a secret ally for psychology, for coaching, and for storytelling.

Next, we focus on transgenerational psychology and the value of mapping out a family tree. The idea here is that we first must understand our transgenerational trauma. By accessing one's uniqueness, by accomplishing one's purpose we can heal it. If we have truly become ourselves, we will always break the pattern and not only heal ourselves but heal the generations before us. Her original technique called Healing Fictions combines therapy, self-development, and artistic expression with the purpose of connecting one to a place of absolute love, kindness, and intelligence.

Marianne and Giancarlo also discuss Jodorowsky, shamanism, lucid dreaming, spirituality, patriarchy, and what the future holds for us if we continue to be absorbed in the virtual world of today while losing a connection to our body.

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