Mathia Milani on permaculture, regeneration, and community living

We are very excited to host Mathia Milani on the podcast series. Mathia is one of the founders of the Tierra Iris community in Ibiza. Tierra Iris is a place where conscious and loving people gather, together creating and regenerating their land. Their way is a way of life, focused on living in harmony, sustainability, and abundance. Regenerative farming brought them together and they have organically grown into a community. Their shared deep respect and love for nature, has grown into a movement of the people with an aim to regenerate places. The change manifests through the land, as each individual makes a unique contribution to the space they touch with their energy, yielding internal and external riches.

Mathia was born in Italy but took his first steps in Ibiza. He lived and worked in many places, including Milan, Argentina, Monaco, London, and Moscow. During the economic challenges of the pandemic, he saw an opportunity to dedicate his time to his true passion, permaculture. He went on to study in Tepoztlan, Mexico where he connected with people inspired, motivated, and fuelled by love who were eager to give their time and energy to something meaningful. This is how Tierra Iris was born.

He discusses the principles of permaculture, the importance of observing the land to understand the dynamics of the ecosystem, and the impact of our actions on the land. After all, permaculture is a way of designing land and spaces, not a way of living. He designed Tierra Iris upon these principles.

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