Maya Magdalena on embracing all the flavors of life

Maya Magdalena is a shamanic sexual somatic practitioner, trained by ISTA - International School of Temple Arts, an embodiment guide, and a Serpent High Priestess. She studied at numerous modern-day mystery schools dedicated to soul initiation, cosmology, the body, and deep feminine mysteries. Maya is part of a global tribe dedicated to the emergence of temple and mystery schools around the world, recognizing the need for them to anchor a new soulful civilization on earth.

Sexuality is such an important part of being human, for Maya, the tantric path is one of welcoming everything that life brings us with presence, awareness, and love; integrating piece by piece.

‘I help people to really see and change the narrative about judging emotions. And then as they start to feel safe, they start to calm deeper into their bodies, they are opening more, they feel safer, and then we can go into sexuality. Some people can go right away into sexuality, but for many people, the journey (at least the clients that come to me) it's connected with the emotional body first.’

Maya believes once we go from the mind to the heart, we expand our consciousness, we have awareness present, and then we have the love. This is when we can dive into the mysteries of our bodies and our sexualities, and harvest the power that is available there.

Maya also gives us a glimpse into her liberation ‘I felt ecstatic, and I was so open, so receptive, flowy, and pleasurable. When emotions were coming, they were flowing, they were not getting stuck. It feels like the very powerful energy of the earth wants to move through you, from your base, and up out through your crown.’

Listen to the full episode to hear more of Maya’s wisdom and experiences.

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