Monika Aimie on how to live an extraordinary life (not just an ordinary one)

Monika is an ICF accredited transformational and empowerment coach living between Ibiza, Barcelona, London and working with clients around the globe. Her mission is to help clients to connect to the deepest authenticity or who they are, so they can intentionally design deeply fulfilling lives that are right for them. 

She combines psychology and coaching methodology with energetics embodiment practices and archetype work, influenced by her experience in the field of tantra. She currently supports women, and occasionally men, through one-on-one coaching and her signature group coaching program, Stepping Into Your Most Empowered Self.

Monika describes the difference between therapy and coaching, and how with therapy there is a deep focus on the past to bring about healing in the present. And whilst coaching does go into the past, there's much more of a focus on the future, future momentum, and movement and progression.

Giancarlo and Monika touch on the subconscious mind, limiting beliefs and the antidote to shame. As well as an understanding of Monika’s work, they discuss Ibiza's magnetism, and coaches leading by example, living their best lives.

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