Psychedelic Confessions: Alejandro Lozano

For the second episode of our Psychedelic Confessions series, Giancarlo chats with his good friend Alejandro Lozano. An investment banker in a former life, Alejandro Lozano has spent the last two decades exploring new economic paradigms, psychedelics, and classical tantra.

Together they talk through Alejandro’s experiences, touching on; dancing with God, set and setting, learning not to cope when experiencing dopamine depletion, meditation, the difference between medicinal and celebratory use and effect on the body, plus the most transcendental experience of his life and how we have no right to make any plant illegal.

In this episode, they also explore the more unfamiliar (in the West) psychoactive plants Iboga, Mambe, and Kanna in addition to the many other psychedelics from our usual selection.

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