Psychedelic Confessions with Jerónimo M.M.

We are delighted to welcome Jerónimo M.M. back to for an episode of psychedelic confessions. 

Jerónimo is the social innovations director for the ICEERS foundation, his work is focused on integrating plant medicine into western society. He is fascinated by the fact that the same plants can be a blessing in some communities and a curse in others, and works to safely integrate medicinal plants into western civilisation with the same value and respect as in their cultures of origin. 

Jerónimo speaks about his introduction to the world of mind-altering substances, the first of those being cannabis. He discusses the positive impact this had on his creativity and the moment the rose-tinted spectacles fell off, so to speak. He then delves into MDMA and LSD, with stories that follow a similar suit of awe and then eventual disinterest before reaching Ayahuasca and Coca leaf in their indigenous contexts, which led him to the work he is doing today.

Giancarlo and Jerónimo discuss mystical and transformative experiences.  Jerónimo talks through personal experiences and discusses how looking at the culture of origin for psychedelic medicines can help to unlock their most beneficial and least harmful uses.

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