Rory Spowers on his book 'Thinking Like A Mountain: Seeking the Source Code for a Regenerative Culture'

We are delighted to host Rory Spowers on the podcast series, for a special episode on his new book.

Rory Spowers is a writer, researcher and broadcaster, focused on ecological and consciousness issues. His books include Rising Tides, a critically acclaimed history of ecological thought, and A Year in Green Tea and Tuk Tuks, the story of ⁠Samakanda⁠, an ecological sanctuary he founded in Sri Lanka in 2004. 

In 2012, Rory relocated to Ibiza, Spain, to work with ex-BBC presenter Bruce Parry on the feature-length documentary filmTawai, exploring humanity’s conceptual separation from nature. He is currently the Creative Director of the ⁠Tyringham Initiative⁠, a world-class think-tank for ‘new paradigm’ thinking - which he co-founded in 2015 - and in 2018 he launched ⁠The Re-Generation⁠, a new media platform for regenerative systems change solutions'. Rory joins Giancarlo to discuss his new book - Thinking Like A Mountain: Seeking the Source Code for a Regenerative Culture. He delves into his three-part book, looking at the context, the cause and the solution. Rory discusses current-day issues from the meta-crisis to social, economic and environmental issues, as well as the cause and finally the possible solutions. He offers a great deal of insight into these topics and references many interesting books and other sources as cited.

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