Thomas Ermacora on strengthening communities using technology and strategic place-making

We are pleased to welcome Thomas Ermacora to the podcast. Thomas is a city futurist, impact investor, architect, and open innovation thinker. Leveraging the tools of the 4th industrial revolution, he is an urban strategist solving humanity’s most pressing problems with a focus on climate adaptation, regeneration, and community well-being. His work aims to redefine the way cities and neighborhoods self-organize through participatory self-process to support strategic change-making. 

His journey began in 1992 with the world’s first summit in Rio, a movement that later became COPs. Being present with others in the fight for planetary stewardship is what he calls his “ignition point”, where he saw an opportunity for evolution while finding peace with nature. He went on to study engineering, physical chemistry, and later geography. Like for many of us, his discovery of psychedelics inspired him to link his work to his deeper life purpose. 

Thomas and Giancarlo dive deep into the multifaceted nature of Thomas’ work which all facilitate conversations about how we can live better together by finding solutions to our current obstacles. He outlines the four main obstacles that we face today and how we can overcome them with strategic change-making. He discusses the importance of entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and integration of technology and education. This podcast will present you with ideas on how to strengthen your community and work toward decentralization by creating opportunities for those who aren’t experts to participate in change.

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