Zoran Todorovic on evolutionary coaching and awakening the global consciousness

We are delighted to invite Zoran Todorovic back to the Mangu.tv podcast series. Zoran is a leading master coach, notable author, sought-after speaker, thought leader, visionary and activist for the evolution of human consciousness. Zoran has a vision and mission to help with the development of humanity and heal on a collective level. 

In this episode Giancarlo and Zoran discuss the idea of oneness or collective consciousness as opposed to duality consciousness, they talk about the crossover between science and spirituality and how everything is interconnected on a sub-atomic level. Zoran dives deeper into the value of connecting to source, one's essence or essential self and quietening the mind. He discusses how his coaching practices have evolved in the past year, to incorporate the collective wound not just the individual, and how he envisions healing on a collective level through his coaching methods.

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