Fix has been reviewed in The NY Times, Variety & The Village Voice
“Despite the tight filming schedule, Wilde refused to give up the opportunity to work with her husband. “What makes a great relationship is when you really admire and respect the other person and when you can be inspired by them, and if you create something together, those are some of the most magical times in a relationship,” she said. “If you can work on anything together, you can really appreciate the gifts the person has to offer.”” – ‘House’ star Oliva Wilde says filming ‘Fix’ was a ‘labor of love’
“A love letter to Los Angeles as well as an ode to fraternal obligation.”
“Music supervisor Bryan Ling’s cool mix-tape soundtrack, mixed pro/amateur perfs, energetic pace and non-copout ending keep “Fix” fresh.”
“reworks familiar film devices into into a surprisingly fresh concoction.”
“Ruspoli, it must be said, is an impressive rough-hewn stylist: Every grainy, bleached-out image is as artfully tousled as a $500 haircut.”
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Tao Ruspoli (5 Posts)

With acclaimed films Being in the World, Fix and Just Say Know, Tao is a favorite filmmaker and one of Moviemaker magazine’s 10 Young Filmmakers To Watch. His new film, Monogamish, explores marriage in the 21st century.