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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."
Ayahuasca: Are There Any Health Benefits? Ayahuasca: Are There Any Health Benefits?
Today, we will take a closer look at ayahuasca and its demonstrated health and mental wellbeing benefits.
MDMA: A Psychedelic Drug That May Help Treat PTSD MDMA: A Psychedelic Drug That May Help Treat PTSD
With mounting evidence to support its medicinal value, it's worth investigating MDMA-assisted psychotherapy and why it appears to aid persons who are ...
A Brief History of LSD, Psychedelics & Therapy A Brief History of LSD, Psychedelics & Therapy
As far back as the 1950s, medical professionals were already utilizing LSD and other psychedelics for a number of applications in psychotherapy. If ...
Myths and Facts About LSD Myths and Facts About LSD
No, LSD doesn't stay in your spinal fluid forever. Due to its chemical makeup, LSD is quickly metabolized and broken down by the body into inactive ...
mangu tv blog Rory Spowers - 6 silos of regeneration
Author and system theorist Rory Spowers joined our mangu.tv podcast to share his proposition for an alternative non-dual paradigm.  Travels to ...
mangu tv blog From shadows to light - Metsa's autobiography
Metsa introduces us to his book, soon available in english. A testimony about his adventurous and alternative life.This is the tenth and last of a 10 ...
Ayahuasca mainstream - Metsa talk pros and cons of the practice booming
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, analizes how Ayahuasca is growing in our society, what are the dangers and how we could all benefit from this. ...
Collective consciousness and our need for it, according to Metsa
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, talks about the need in our society to rediscover our roots, and our connection with nature through meditation. ...
mangu tv blog Did JFK Drop LSD?
The notion that JFK experimented with LSD has many intriguing implications, highlighted here by Dr Ben Sessa: ‘JFK had close relationship with ...
Everything is connected - Consciousness in a cultural context
Francois demange, a.k.a. Metsa, weighs in on psychedelics and consciousness in a cultural context; how it is evolving and how we are evolving ...
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