Between Two Worlds - Metsa on the cultural shock of living the Vegetalismo life

François Demange, a.k.a. Metsa, explains the differences between our cultural imprinting and the environment he found himself in when he joined the Shipibo and the Quechua Lamista people. This is the second of a 10 Questions interview with Francois, in which he will explain the practices behind healing with plants, and the challenges of a life as a westerner shaman.
Vegetalismo is "a term used to refer to a practice of mestizo shamanism in the Amazonic provinces of Peru in which the shamans – known as vegetalistas – gain their knowledge and power to cure from the vegetables, or plants of the region. Many receive their knowledge from ingesting the hallucinogenic, emetic brew ayahuasca."

Francois Demange, also known as Metsa Niwue (his shamanic name), is a curandero - a healer - who has studied Vegetalismo for more than twenty years with the Shipibo and Quechua Lamista people. He also has a master degree in anthropology acquired at the University of East London. His goal is "to transmit a different perception of the world of plants, nature, and self-knowledge to the Western world" from which he originate. His autobiography "De l'ombre à la lumière", written in french in 2014, will be soon available in english.

We are fascinated by topics as psychedelics and altered state since we produced the documentary Neurons to Nirvana, the "Best film on psychedelics to come along for a long time!" - Dennis McKenna.

The series

The video is part of our new original series "10 Questions", in which we will explore in depth some of the most controversial topics in modern society, through the voices of major experts in every field.

In the third video, Metsa will be explaining the rigorous diet and ascetic behavior that is part of the vegetalismo tradition. If the topic interests you, subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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