Daniel Pinchbeck on the new paradigm, psychedelics, blockchain, and reparation

Philosopher and author Daniel Pinchbeck, who co-founded the Evolver Social Movement and featured in the documentary 2012: Time for Change joined Giancarlo to discuss the limit of scientific reductionist materialism to understand the nature of reality.

Daniel currently has a seminar titled Crossing the Threshold: Realms of Consciousness beyond Physical Death. This explores arguments for and against any kind of afterlife. He notes in our episode, how you are unable to explore the concept of continuing consciousness unless you have interrogated scientific materialism.

This is a productive idea that consciousness is just an expression of physical matter like the complexity of the brain, and corresponds with many mystical and shamanic traditions

Daniel goes on to explain; it still feels like we're trying to break out of the obstruction of reductive materialism, we need to get to an understanding that we're participating in larger cycles, this too is also good evidence for reincarnation, etc.

This then begins to shift our whole way of understanding ourselves. And actually leads to changes in our structures, in society, education, and, technology and so on. 

Daniel delves into a wide range of topics with Giancarlo including the ‘beautiful’ uncertainty caused by COVID, the riots, and Trump. Professor Cristopher Bache’s vision for the future. The importance of regenerative media. Neo shamanic mystery schools. Psychedelics, Blockchain, transitional justice, students' futures plus much more.

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