Diego Torán on music with intention, psychedelics, regenerative living and House of Frequency

We are excited to host Diego Torán on this episode of the Mangu.tv podcast series. 

Diego has worked in all music industry fields for 30 years helping artists find their inner voice. Since he moved to Ibiza during COVID he has focused on all research related to sound healing and working with artists whose music becomes a tool for achieving higher states of consciousness. He has created the music label/recording studio House Of Frequency and is fully committed to enriching the possibilities for the live music scene on the island. He believes that psychedelics are an amazing tool for reconnecting with ourselves and for creativity but they need to be addressed with more cautiousness. He feels "we are starting to commit the same mistakes as in the 60s," and also that there are other amazing tools to find and keep these states of inner connection with more safety.

Diego discusses the notion of musical frequencies and conscious music listening as a tool for healing. He shares his passion for representing musicians with a positive intention behind their music. Diego also speaks about the potency of listening to music live and his hope in restoring the island’s live music scene, as well as his work organizing a live music festival in Ibiza this summer. 

Diego and Giancarlo talk about the current psychedelic renaissance and the importance of using plant medicines consciously. They discuss regenerative living in all forms and the future of Ibiza and our planet's ecosystem.

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