Lucian Tarnowski on speaking the future into existence

We are delighted to have Lucian Tarnowski on the podcast series. Lucian is a serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, and planetary transformation architect.

He is the CEO of Brave New and the founding curator of the app game called United Planet, a time-traveling immersive reality to create mythologies from a thriving future. With over a decade of experience in designing and powering online communities that connect diverse stakeholders over a shared purpose, he has been called a young global leader by many. Lucian is on a mission to deliver a decade of transformation and is actively gathering people across cultures to co-create a vision for a planetary civilization in harmony with all life. 

Born into a family of activists, he was motivated to push for societal change from birth. Growing up between rural England and India, where Lucian’s father co-founded the world's largest disability and leprosy center, he was raised knowing his responsibility to give back and act with an intent to transform society. 

Giancarlo and Lucian dive deep into the nuances of United Planet and the responsibilities of a planetary citizen. The game shows us how to reverse engineer from our future for a thriving present reality. To manifest a collective change, we need to tap into the power of storytelling and using the principles of hyperstition, we can speak the future we want to create into present existence. The future isn’t something to predict, it is something to achieve. Instead of the inevitability of a dystopian future, we can instead rise to the planet’s finest hour. Don’t miss this podcast!

For further details about Lucian Tarnowski and topics mentioned:

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